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Flex-tester Assembly Instructions
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Code: Flex-tester Assembly Instructions
Flex-tester Assembly Instructions
All the parts required to assemble the Flex-tester are included with the unit

Enclosed are the following parts for your unit:

  • 2 - A - Sides
  • 1 - B - Top
  • 1 - C - Bottom
  • 1 - D - Foot Plate
  • 10- E - Wing Nuts
  • 1 - F - Finger Plate
  • 8 - G - 6-32x½" slotted screws
  • 2 - H - 6-32x1½" slotted screws
  • 2 - I - Springs
  • 4 - J - Teflon spacers
  • 1 - K - Label with flexibility tables*

    Step 1 - Box Assembly
    Make a box of the top (B), bottom (C), sides (A) and foot plate (D). Be sure the sides of the unit are inside of the lip of the box foot plate, top and bottom.

    The box is held together with 8 of the ½" slotted screws (G) and wing nuts (E) which are placed in each of the 8 corners. Use a dime or screwdriver to hold the screws and securely tighten the wing-nuts. Affix the flexibility tables (K) label onto the side of the box so that they are easily read.

    Step 2 - Slide Device Assembly
    Place the channel mount screws (H) through the holes on the finger plate (F) and put one set of teflon spacers (J) on the screws. Put the screws into the slot in the top of the unit (B). A second set of spacers go on the screws under the top followed by the springs (I) and wing nuts (E).

    Adjust tension as needed by tightening the wing nuts. The slide device is designed to apply adjustable friction depending upon the needs of the group being tested. Over-tightening of the wing-nuts may damage the springs.

    *Replacement labels: Cooper Flexibility Tables

    Sources for Flexibility tests

    Scale Identification is provided in the table below:
    Scales Measurement Total Protocals
    Scale 1 Inches Fitnessgram
    Scale 2 Inches Cooper Institute and YMCA
    Scale 3 Centimeters AAHPERD
    Scale 4 Centimeters Mark Your Own
    Scale 5 Mark Your Own Mark Your Own

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