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Clearance Items

Aqua-Aerobic Training Zone, Ages 20-90, 6 Second Count
Code: 10092
Price: $15.75

Aerobic Training Zone, Ages 50-100, 10 Second Count
Code: 10093
Price: $15.75

Push Up Balance Challenge
Code: 26157
Price: $85.00

Teaching Scope: Dual Head
Code: 21909
Price: $19.95

Shoulder Workout
Code: 40100

Weight Training Flexibility
Code: 40103

Chart: Aerobic Flexibility
Code: 40104

Heart Rate Target (10 Seconds)
Code: 40105

Squat Workout
Code: 40107

Weight Training Shape-Up
Code: 40109

Bench Press
Code: 40110

Arm Workout
Code: 40111

Stomach Workout
Code: 40112

Chest Workout
Code: 40113

Leg Workout
Code: 40114

Back Workout
Code: 40115

Male Exercies and Muscle Guide
Code: 40128

Female Exercise and Muscle Guide
Code: 40129

Exercise Do's and Don'ts
Code: 40135

Stretching Do's and Don'ts
Code: 40154

Harmful Effects of Alcohol
Code: 40168

Code: 40169

Code: 40170

Code: 40171

Anatomy for Children; Digestive System
Code: 40222

Anatomy for Children; Circulatory System
Code: 40223

Perceived Exertion
Code: 40302

Treadmill Workout
Code: 40303L

Stair Workout
Code: 40304

Stationary Workout
Code: 40305

Male Muscular and Skeletal System
Code: 40333L

Drinking and Driving
Code: 40336

Male Exercies and Muscle Guide
Code: 40343

Female Exercise and Muscle Guide
Code: 40344

Stretching Charts: Gymnastics
Code: 41004
Price: $10.70

Stretching Charts: Running
Code: 41005
Price: $10.70

Stretching Charts: Swimming
Code: 41006
Price: $10.70

Stretching Charts: Walking
Code: 41007
Price: $10.70

Code: 8023PL1.5

Spinal Nerves
Code: 8024PL1.5

Foot and Ankle
Code: 9795PL1.5

Shoulder and Elbow
Code: 9799PL1.5

Understanding Cholesterol
Code: 9882PL1.5

Whiplash Injuries of the Head and Neck
Code: 9989PL1.5

Facts About Alcohol
Code: 40340L

Facts About Smoking
Code: 40341

Facts About HIV & AIDS
Code: 40342

Harmful Effects of Heroin
Code: 40311

Harmful Effects of Inhalants
Code: 40312

Smoking and Your Health
Code: 40166

Harmful Effects of Cocaine
Code: 40167

Stretching Chart - Volleyball
Code: 27035
Price: $10.70

Stretching Chart - Soccer
Code: 27036
Price: $10.70

Stretching Chart - Basketball
Code: 27037
Price: $10.70

Stretching Chart - Golf
Code: 27038
Price: $10.70

Ellipitcal Workout
Code: 40401

Total Body Workout
Code: 40402

Recumbent Workout
Code: 40403

Recumbent Workout
Code: 40403L
Price: $15.00

Code: 27056

Code: 27034

Truth About Fad Diets
Code: 40406

Guide to Weight Loss
Code: 40405

Spectrum Nurse Stethoscope
Code: 28064
Price: $4.25

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